Find threads Unanswered threads. Your router is now all set and all you need to do is connect the router with the modem using an Ethernet cable. Mubi New Member Oct 4, Hi Sufian, You cannot use two modems on the same adsl line at the same time. Please make sure you have all the settings handy before you reset it if you have to.

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You can now take out ptcl wlan usb cable that connects to router with your computer and use the wifi network that we have created to use the internet. Volume as per your current package is instantaneously provided and is valid till the 1 st of the next calendar month.

Admin Administrator Staff member. Wifi repeater will recieve signals from your main router and create a new network of its own hence extending the area where you can use wifi. If you can explain what is it exactly that you are trying to do then Ptcl wlan usb would be able to advise you on this.

I can not say for sure Saim, but I dont think you can connect without using an ethernet cable. Is it possible Please answer me Thanks. I couldnt even use it ptcl wlan usb my room.

Please check the top of this page, all the settings and step by step instructions are posted up there. Zohaib Cheema New Member Jan 15, Now go to the Wireless security option to make sure no unauthorized people are able to pcl your WiFi w,an. Please find out what the default IP is for your router from the user manual if you are using a different brand. Mubi New Member Oct 4, Sir, I want tow broadband use ptcl wlan usb on Ptcl wlan usb line in one time.

USB WiFi Adapter

Dear, will u plz tell me k PTCL broadband Router me wo settings ks trah krty hen js ke wja se agr hmen majburan kse ko apne Wifi ka paswrd dena bhe pary to wo connect b ho jaye usky pass bt after ptc seconds wo disconnect hota rahy means continous us client ko signals na mlen.

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For further details, visit: Resetting by pressing the reset button will restore all the factory settings including the default user name and password. Pirate Member Jul 31, Or ptcl wlan usb if u know the settings let me know.

Every modem and router has a reset button either at the back side of the modem or underneath it. Forums New posts Find threads Unanswered threads Search forums.

Thanks Need help to set my ptcl modem. Your computer will establish a connection with the router automatically as DHCP is enabled on the router by default. Yes you can use two wifi routers and configuration would be exactly the same as mentioned above. ptcl wlan usb

Ptcl Usb Internet –

Please change it to something more individual because that’s the name you would see when you are looking for your WiFi network and please don’t use any rude words as this can be seen by every one who lives near by Use some thing like “My home network” or something on those lines. Issue is when going to connect using notebook Wifi, it shows “limited connectivity” until I reboot router. It was 4mb package but when ptcl wlan usb made an access point the speed is always less than 2mb sometimes less than 1mb when i unplug the ethernet wire from the secondary router than the speed goes fine.

Please make sure ptcl wlan usb have all the settings handy before you reset it if you have to. Once you save the new IP address your router will automatically reboot. ptcl wlan usb

Saim Mughal New Member Dec 25, I want to change no. Pirate Member Aug 1, Bro, I did by using ptcl wireless signal and ptcl wlan usb connected with tp link and tp link wireless modem also through signal the around ptcl wlan usb near area but there was a problem that was it did not browse it this thing I did not understand it and I am to find the solution of this problem.

Dear I have been doing the above mentioned process again and again but still the ;tcl in prompt keeps coming again and again.